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I Said What I Said

So... once upon a time, I used to blog. I blogged for the entirety of my 19-month mission in the Dominican Republic, I blogged, when I came home, and I blogged when I moved to Washington with my mom and little sister. I moved to Arizona, where I still currently live, over five years ago, and that's apparently when the blogging stopped. Ok, well, I did become a frequent contributor for the Young Mormon Feminists blog, but for the sake of simplicity, I'm referring to this, my personal, me-centric blog. I could go into agonizing detail as to why, but I won't. I'll save my retroactive posts about what went on between the world n' me during those fast and furious five years at some point in the future. Some of the best stories are told anachronistically anyway. But I digress. When I revisited this blog for the first time in years a few days ago, I had a pretty obvious epiphany-- that it's essentially my electronic diary, a more permanent way to preserve my tho
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I'll Teach you a Thing or Two

           " Life is a road and I want to keep going on- starting out on a journey." - Donna Lewis Hey. Hey, HEY! That's right, I'm back, much like that volcanic zit from your pre-teen, puberty years. This youth-based simile will seem really witty once I explain the new and interesting direction my life is taking. Piqued your interest? If not, that's ok; I haven't really earned it. I've slacked on my blogging and I'm semi-abashed about it. But I actually have a good reason. Excuse. I have a reasonable excuse. You see, I've been busy. Not only that, but I was under a self-imposed cone of silence. It was self-preservation, really. I needed the money. Ok, it's been three paragraphs- I'll get to the point. I'm moving to Phoenix, Arizona, where I will live with none other than ex-Hermana Bryant while I obtain my teaching certification through a program called the Arizona Teaching Fellows. Whew. That felt good. It's been sort o

Slimmer Me, but Same Ovaries- My Hopefully Helpful Overshare

Well, I finally did it. Or undid it, as the case may be. In my last post, I may have mentioned how I've been home from the mission for a year (I think I should start getting points for any post that doesn't mention my mission). Well, in that year, I managed to gain weight. A lot of it. I like food. A lot. Anyway, I just finished doing the HCG diet again, round two, and from September until now, there are forty-two pounds less of me. Which is quite an accomplishment. But the fact that I managed to gain that much weight so quickly is disturbing, to say the least. Not solely because I felt less attractive; actually, I don't feel like I was that bad-looking. BEFORE But I definitely feel better now, and I can't help but give myself the occasional wink in the mirror, whenever I chance by one. AFTER  (In both photos, there's food. Not coincidental).  And on top of everything, the real reason I decided to do the dirty word, a.k.a. DIET (I always love t

Mission Missin' Reminiscin'

There's a guy I work with at Vivint named Brandt. I think he's great; he's one of those nice Mormon guys who seems like the type who lives what he believes without imposing his views on anyone. One time, he and another "colleague" of ours were talking about their significant others. Instead of barging in on my love life or lack thereof, they very kindly and timidly asked me if I had a "bu, bu, bu, boyfriend !" I said I didn't, to which they both immediately urged me to take my time, no rush. I don't know why that was nice to hear, but it was. Even though I'm pretty independent, there's just something nice about knowing that SOMEONE out there shares a similar view to my own. Then he came up to me at my desk today to inform me and another friend sitting nearby that he'd had a dream about me- and that I'd ended up with a great guy. There's just something about him that makes his comments and actions seem genuine and consequently,